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Haugan vs. Haugan

Haugan vs. Haugan - They go through various formulas and...

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Econ 404 22:16:08 rmf34 Haugan vs. Haugan Judge(s): Justices of Wisconsin Supreme Court Court: Supreme Court of Wisconsin (Location, Date): Wisconsin, February 1984 Plaintiff: Gordon D. Haugan Case Summary : Divorce case is now before Supreme Court of Wisconsin. Husband was going through medical school; wife worked as teacher and supported him. Now they’re getting divorced, and trying to figure out what damages should be awarded.
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Unformatted text preview: They go through various formulas, and the wife gets a lot of benefits. She loses the $14,000 debt bill and gets more than half of the material property. At the end the Justices disagree with the formula that is presented for future earnings. She cannot get an award of this money because the future is uncertain and this isn’t a good precedent. Defense: Patricia J. Haugan Verdict : Law and Economics Notes :...
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