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1 ME 3E05 (2017-2018) Assignment # 6 [1]. (3 marks) A 3/8 inch plate is joined to a rigid column using fillet welds as shown in the figure. Determine the weld leg size required if the applied load W = 2500 lbf and allowable shear stress in the weld is 7500 psi. For obtaining the centroid of the weld group, assume the origin to be at point A, and positive x and y axes as shown in the sketch. [2]. (2 marks) Consider a plate member joined to another plate at the bottom with 4 fillet welds (two on each side of the vertical plate) and subjected to a static load W transverse to the welds, as shown in the figure. The welding is carried out by using a E60xx electrode ( 50 y S Kpsi ). Assume a factor of safety for the weld of 4 . Determine the load W if, [i]. the welds are ¼ inch each, and [ii]. welds on the left are ½ inch and the welds on the right are ¼ inch (note that the sketch below shows this second case).
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