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In The Matter of baby M

In The Matter of baby M - Still surrogacy will not survive...

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Econ 404 5/11/2009 rmf34 In The Matter of baby M Judge(s): Wilentz Court: Supreme court of NJ (Location, Date): NJ, 1988 Plaintiff: Case Summary: Payment of $10,000 to surrogate mother illegal, criminal and degrading to women. Mrs. Whitehead, surrogate mother, Mr. and Mrs. Stern = want to be parents. Getting money = baby buying. Surrogacy contract invalid, baby will start off life in struggle. Not sale of child, sale of mothers rights to child.
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Unformatted text preview: Still, surrogacy will not survive without money. Unfair, to the poor? Wealthy people can bid more. Could initially be idealism, turns into a profit venture. High demand for babies, low supply. Some things that money can’t buy in civilized society. Defense: Verdict: Money can’t be involved in surrogacy contract. Law and Economics Notes:...
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