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Cyanobacteria b major groups of cyanobacteria

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Unformatted text preview: ria comprise a substantial component of plankton i b il flk biomass and production in estuarine systems. Cyanobacteria b • • • • • • • • • • • Major groups of cyanobacteria Prochlorococcus, Synechococcus, Trichodesmium Microcystis Cylindrospermopsis – Characteristics: unicellular, , filamentous, colonial – 2 layer cell wall-inner murein and outer lipoprotein – Some species fix N2 Nitrogen • Limiting to most terrestrial and marine systems • N2 gas constitutes 78% of the atmosphere - Primary source of N f - Ironically, not directly available to plants and animals • Depend on microbes to convert to available forms - Little bit fixed by lightning • Human Influence - Fertilizer Nitrogen • • • • • • • Microbes decompose proteins from dead cells and release Aas Ammonia (NH4) is...
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