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Enst 471 ppt4

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Unformatted text preview: Biogeochemical Cycling in Estuaries Life made up of a small number of elements arranged to f l t d t form an i immense variety of compounds Required in fairly constant ratios q y Rate of supply limits productivity Biogeochemistry i h i Scientific study of the chemical chemical, physical, geological, and biological processes and reactions that govern the composition of the natural environment, and the cycles of matter and energy that transport the Earth's chemical components in time and space Global Biogeochemical Cycles • Carbon • Nitrogen • Phosphorus • Others (Iron, Molybdenum, Silica, Sulfur, etc) S lf ) Global Biogeochemical Cycles • Major Reservoirs • • • • Atmosphere p Ocean Soil Lakes/Rivers/Streams Major Research Questions • What are the dominate forms/p...
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