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Wh t limiting wh t i estuaries whats li iti whats not

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Unformatted text preview: ools of nutrients in t i ? Wh t’ limiting? Wh t’ i estuaries? What’s li iti ? What’s not? Wh ? t? Why? • How do nutrient concentrations change moving from the river (oligohaline) to the continental shelf (euhaline)? How can we trace these? • What environmental parameters affect nutrient concentrations and cycling? Abiotic vs. biotic? • What types of anthropogenic stressors are a concern? Why? CARBON • • • • Basis of life Bound to itself Exists in several oxidation states Mostly as CO2 and CH4 • 30% of CO2 used by plants and algae annually • P ti remains buried for decades to milliennia Portion i b i df d dt illi i • Plants biomass • Soil organic matter • Marine and lake sediments Carbon Cycle b l • Carbon dioxide is incorporated, or fixed, into organic compounds by photoautotrophs and chemoa...
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