Spur Industries vs. Webb Development co.

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Econ 404 5/12/2009 rmf34 Spur Industries vs. Webb Development co. Judge(s): Cameron Court: Supreme Court of Arizona (Location, Date): Maricopa County, Arizona, March 1972 Plaintiff: Webb Development co. Case Summary: Spur industries operates a cattle farm (since 1959) on cheap land about 15 miles outside Phoenix. The city expanded and Webb Development is developing, and residents of the developments are complaining of the smell and flies coming from the feed-lots. 20-30k head of cattle were being fed, producing over 1,000,000 lbs of manure daily. Proper sanitation techniques were being taken.
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Unformatted text preview: Difference between public and private nuisance. Public nuisance causes greater harm and requires an injunction. A private nuisance harms easily identifiable individuals and can be settled by money. Court agrees with trial case and says that it is a public nuisance. Whether or not it is exempt from this because Webb came to the nuisance. Issue of cheaper land outside city lines. Defense: Spur Industries Verdict: Spur has to leave as its a public problem. Developer Webb must pay for move or for shutting down. Law and Economics Notes:...
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