Kline vs. 1500 Mass Ave. Apartment Corporation

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Econ 404 06:54:49 rmf34 Kline vs. 1500 Mass Ave. Apartment Corporation Judge(s): Wilkey, Circuit Judge Court: US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (Location, Date): August 1970. Plaintiff : Sarah B. Kline Case Summary : One issue presented for review: whether a duty should be placed on a landlord to take steps to protect tenants from foreseeable criminal acts committed by third parties. (district court said no.) Court of appeals finds that there is this duty, and the case is remanded to the district court to determine damages. When Kline moved into the apartment complex in 1959 there was a doorman and people to watch the garage entrance, now in 1966 there was not. A woman was recently assaulted there and now Kline has been assaulted and robbed. Tenants could put bigger locks on their doors, but the landlord was responsible for the doors and locks to the
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Unformatted text preview: common areas (hallways) as well as ensure that the garage door was closed and that the doors were actually locked. It is expected that the landlord makes the building reasonably safe. He is the one in power to do this. The landlord is no insurer of his tenant’s safety, but he is also no bystander. There were repeated robberies and nothing was done. In Javin’s vs. First National Realty Corporation, there is a package of goods and services that come when one rents from someone else. Even back in medieval times, innkeepers were responsible to attempt risks of assault and robbery from 3 rd parties that could be reasonably anticipated . Defense : 1500 Massachusetts Avenue Apartment Corporation et al. Verdict : Reversed and Remanded to the district court to assess damages to Kline. Law and Economics Notes :...
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