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Exam 3 Notes Position Paper: Nutrition Info Sources vary with Education level in Older Adults -MAIN IDEA: -Comparing what the media sources of nutrition were getting -Educated people were reading NY Times -Under educated people were reading Good Housekeeping- Fun articles to read with pictures -Some of the places that people are getting their info from aren’t reliable such as the news- not getting info from nutritionists -If people spend money on products that were on the news- they change all the time -Doctors have everyone’s best intention in mind- but they don’t have a lot of background on nutrition -Less educated older adults are more likely to rely upon their doctors, television, and neighbors for nutrition info than those who have attained a higher level of education WAYS TO HELP OLDER ADULTS WITH NUTRITION MISINFORMATION: -Personal Skills- Human relations- we need to be able to convince them that maybe what they heard isn’t right without getting them upset -Older adults are very set in their ways -Nutritionists have to make themselves known in the media Position Paper on Aging: -Different things in the environment that affect an older person’s health-Exercise, Religious beliefs, whom they are living with, how easy health access is- All effect health -Nutrition is really important for successful aging -Nutrition helps in prevention in chronic disease and physiology -Seniors lack of access to health care and medicine is the most important -The elderly don’t have as big of an importance in healthcare as the younger ones -The article states that the elderly population is growing and increasing in numbers THINGS WE CAN DO TO SLOW PROGRESSION OF DISEASES: -Have older adults take up a new hobby, anything to keep them moving and involved -Not just nutrition and exercise there’s a lot of other components 3 THINGS THAT INFLUENCE HOW YOU’RE LONGEVITY: -Physical Activity -Diet -Smoking HEALTH AND BIOLOGIC ASPECTS OF AGING: Model of Factors Influencing Optimal Nutrition Status in Aging: (1) EXTRINSIC FACTORS:
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-Economic Resources -Family Resources and support -Living Environment -Community resources and support (2) INTRINSIC FACTORS: -Psychological Status -Biological Functional Status -Nutrition Related Disease -Food Experience v. Exposure = OPTIMAL NUTRITION KEY INDICATORS: 1. Physically unhealthy days 2. Frequent mental distress 3. Oral health/tooth loss 4. Disability 5. Physical activity 7. Obesity 8. Current smoking 9. Flu vaccine in past year 10. Pneumonia vaccine 11. Mammogram 12. Colorectal cancer screening 13. Up to date on preventive services 14. Cholesterol screening 15. Hip fracture hospitalizations BIOLOGIC ASPECTS OF AGING: -5-10% decline in brain weight -Ability to control light declines -Eardrum/bones lose flexibility -Lung capacity decreases 40% -Arteries thicken, bones thin, cells less sensitive to insulin DIETARY RESTRICTION STUDIES: -Rhesus monkeys/no human
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Exam 3 Notes - Exam 3 Notes Position Paper Nutrition Info...

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