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Homework 1 answers

Homework 1 answers - KEY Homework#1 — Due Chapter 1 No...

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Unformatted text preview: KEY Homework #1 — Due 9/11/07 Chapter 1 No Homework Problems QEEEELZ 1. Value Index You have just graduated from college and are looking to buy your first car. Money is tight right now, so you are concerned about initial cost as well as ongoing expenses. At the same time, you den’t want to drive a slow, ugly car like your parents do. You have narrowed your choices down to two vehicles: a Honda Enigma and a Porsche Booster. Based on the numbers below, calculate the value index for each car. Which car provides you with the greatest value? Performance of the Performance of the Dimension Importance to You 11-51 Honda Enigma (1-51 Porsche Booster 11-51 Fuel Economy 3 4 2 Reliability 4 5 2 ' Speed 4 3 5 Aesthetics 4 2 5 After-sales support 1 5 4 Purchase Price 5 4 1 N k V ; -2 In 3"“ L7“ VWNM: 3”), mg» qx3+ll~xz+lr<+§u¥: lZ’l 10* L*8+ §+L03® vaflscfiE : 3K1+ ‘1’“14 le§+ H‘S‘i “Yi’g’”: ér 84 2,0+),0+L{+§ :63 Hang/a Win; 77 +0 but! PDKScLa. 2. |EZ'irder Qualifiers and Order Winners A Chicago based manufsonuer is looking for someone to handle its shipments to the West Coast. in order to evaluate potential unnsportation providers, the manufaehuer has developed the following en'teria: As a minimum level of performance, a shipper must be able to a. Piek up shipments in 6 hours or less from the time they are notified h. Deliver shipments in 4 days or less Beyond. these, the performanee dimensions which will difierentiate the transportation providers are nest and percentage of shipments undamaged Three shippers hid on the business. The performance infer-inn is shown in the below: & Dimension Eozarth Warsan MeCraefl Pick up time 5 Hours 4 Hours I5 Hours Delivery time 5 Dapu 3 Days 4 Dave Cost per 1M pou nds $19 52D 315 "ii: Shipments undamaged 59% wait 93% Draw an order qualifieri‘order winner chart similar to the Chemise] Supplier example in the lecture notes {and the examples in the book). Which supplier wins the business":1 e’ l ?eu‘£"mw’ Gun-[:FI‘II’ L‘vel 3 - ‘ (um-mm re MrM) w 1? t9 LEI :3 We Crews! iavms ‘. M£e+£ order gwt:fr‘err’ £3de Wei-5.2.5 m erer'rr Wiener}. Be sex-Ht 5‘s fir'sguai-Imd’ (teas-H meet." gratis f‘ q. Umirflflfr a; Jed-L131? +54»; it; qfi'fiyi pf I655) Chapter 3 1. Productivity You are trying to analyze the productivity of each of your sales regions. Given the information below, what is the productivity of each of the regions? Which region is most productive? Which region is least productive? ‘1’, , dd 04.; W47 Region Sales 5's in Millions Number of Salespeople auifv'b/I’HW‘B 15 00 25 31 12 54 33 41 27 ONGOJNNA mummth—x 2. Process Mapping A fast food restaurant currently has a process in which the cashier takes the customer’s order (40-60 seconds), gets the drinks (60-90 seconds), gathers the food and puts it on the tray (100-150 seConds) and takes the customer’s money (15-20 seconds). Draw the process. What is the minimum cycle time? What is the maximum cycle time? Arum». avert/0+ 60+ mg i» If Talc; 0rd“! “avian, «flu! 60+ (tot/So + w 1-{0'605 bodies 1004505 l$~zos n+4 apt/c Zlfsdf EIO sec. M-‘nfmvn, de-‘mua, .The fast food restaurant would like to get the customer through the process quicker. They have added a person who will gather the food and put it on the tray immediately after the cashier takes the customer’s order. The cashier will continue to get the drinks and take the customer’s money. Draw the new process. What is the new minimum cycle time? What is the new maximum cycle time? Minimt/un CyL/¢; 40+100:/‘{l Marilee.» Cyt/g: éU‘f/S'O 2 Q ’01 ...
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