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Econ 404 15:07:43 rmf34 McGuire vs. Almy Judge(s): Qua - Justice Court: Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Essex (Location, Date): May 1937 Plaintiff : Registered Nurse, and the assailed Case Summary : The Plaintiff was attacked in an episode at a mental home by the “insane” defendant. The nurse was hit by the leg of a broken piece of furniture. If the “insane” person is able to entertain the same intent as a “normal” person then they are liable. These cases are more intentional rather than negligent injury.
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Unformatted text preview: The reason to hold the furniture was to instill fear, and if this is the train of thought, then the fear was of injury, and if the “insane” wished to use injury as a deterrent then it was a possibility and this is declaration of malice and knowledge of intent. Defense : Insane person, assailant Verdict : Judgment for the injured nurse entered. Law and Economics Notes :...
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