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EML 6267 Assignment #3 Spring 2009 Please remember to put your name on your assignment. Due: Monday, 2/16 1. (60 pts.) Complete problem 1 from chapter 3 of the text. For part f), use plot limits of zero to 60000 rpm and zero to 10 mm. 2. (30 pts.) Complete problem 3 from chapter 3 of the text. 3. (10 pts.) Using the model from problem 1 in chapter 3 of the text, plot the phase, ε (in deg) as a function of spindle speed,
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Unformatted text preview: Ω (in rpm). Recall that this phase represents the relationship between the vibrations from one revolution to the next. Plot for the N = 0 to 3 stability lobes similar to part f) from problem 1. Use the M ATLAB ® subplot command to show both the stability lobe diagram and phase diagram in the same figure. Describe the relationship between the individual stability lobes and the corresponding phase variation....
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