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Review for Final Exam 1. Rome (in recession) a. 250CE -300s, Rome is weak: plagues, wars with Barbarians, political factors b. Cycle through 25 different emperors c. Impact on Christians: government didn’t pay attention to them, population grew, movement allowed i. 303 = Christians in high ranking levels of government d. 303 = Emperor Diocletian unhappy to find lots of Christians—he is pagan, Great Persecution (last one Christians suffer) e. 310 = Galerius issues Edict of Toleration (lay off Christians but don’t legalize religion) f. Split of empire in East and West i. East: Licinius ii. West: Constantine iii. Together: issue Edict of Milan = makes Christianity legal throughout empire 2. Constantine a. Father conditioned him towards monotheism—in cult called Sol Invictus b. Mother = Helena (Christian), goes around in Jerusalem and points out all holy sites (visions)—sites of churches c. Becomes sole ruler of West through battle with Maxentius—Battle of Milvian Bridge i. Story: had dream/vision—voice = “in this sign, conquer” 1. 2 accounts of sign: cross or chi rho 2. Gives an indication of how Constantine felt about becoming Christian d. Government and religion combine: Christianity becomes state religion—how? i.
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varieties_final - Review for Final Exam 1 Rome(in recession...

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