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varieties exam #1 answers

varieties exam #1 answers - Varieties Exam 1 Notes 150BCE...

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Varieties Exam 1 Notes 1/13/09 150BCE: Jewish sectarianism, Jews break into different groups over cultural debate and identity issues, disagree over interpretation of Scriptures o How do you live in world? How far can you bend and still be a Jew? How can you stay a people? Alexander (Greek)—gymnasium = place of exercise and learning o Practiced nude o Jew boys made fun of because of circumcision—epispasm (became non-Jew) o 1948—first time Jews have nation after Macabee revolt 63BCE—Pompey (Rome) conquers Jerusalem (keep Israel as buffer state) o Persians always threaten to move West and conquer Egypt (food, wealth)— East of Israel 80BCE—Sulla took over as dictator (6 mos. Only), lasted 3 years o Triumvirate took over (Pompey, Crassus, Caesar) o Crassus dies in Parthian battle o Caesar becomes dictator (voted for 10 years then for life) 44BCE = assassinated, Marc Anthony supposed to take over (Senate vote) but defeated by Octavian in 31 BCE Octavian (great nephew) adopted and takes over Republic = Empire (centralized government, causes dsplamcemtn and movement to cities) Antipater keeps Israel stable and saves Caesar at battle of Alexandria o Herod = oldest son—became king of Jews as reward from Octavian and Anthony; looked upon as outsider and becomes most hated king Puppet of Rome (collect taxes, keep peace) 4BCE dies: Jews send delegation to Rome so Augustus divides Israel into 4 parts
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After Archalaus dies, Judea ruled directly from Rome and begins sending out a series of rulers (counsel—provinces) o Pontius Pilate (26-36 BCE) No contemporary eyewitnesses to Jesus’ death o Letters of Paul = 1 st time wrote about it o Gospels of Mark: 70 CE o 66-73 CE = Jewish revolte against Rome Gospel of Mark—writing when Jews become viewed as being treasonists so his story tries to
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varieties exam #1 answers - Varieties Exam 1 Notes 150BCE...

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