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varieties exam2 answers - Varieties of Early Christianity...

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Varieties of Early Christianity Exam #2 Dr. Denova Multiple Choice Circle the correct LETTER (2 points each) *Correct answers are in bold 1. In 135, Emperor Hadrian banned circumcision throughout the Empire, resulting in: a. A mass conversion to Christianity b. Higher taxes for the Jews c. The legalization of Christianity d. The Second Jewish Revolt 2. As a result of the above, Hadrian: a. Forbid any Jews to reside in Jerusalem b. Forbid any Christians to reside in Jerusalem c. Totally destroyed Jerusalem d. Made Jerusalem the capital of the Eastern Empire 3. Tensions between Christians and Jews first arose in the first century: a. Over the question of loyalty to the Emperor b. Over the question of whether or not Gentile converts should become Jews first c. Over the dual nature of Christ d. Over the liturgy of the mass 4. Dr. Denova places the final historical separation of Judaism and Christianity: a. After the fall of the Temple in Jerusalem in the year 70 b. After the Council of Nicea c. After the failure of the revolt under Bar Kochba d. During the period of Paul’s missions 5. By the middle of the second century, Christian leadership: a. Included many women of high social status b. Included many men who used to be Jewish c. Included converts derived solely from paganism d. Included many converted members of the Imperial family 6. The writings of the Church Fathers that attacked Judaism are collectively known as:
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a. Gnostic literature b. Heretical literature c. Adversos literature d. Testimonials 7. Justin Martyr was able to claim the Jewish Scriptures for Christians through the literary device of: a. Logic b. Allegory c. Divination d. Irony 8. In his “Dialogue with Trypho”, Justin argued that: a. God showed favoritism to the Jews, and that he was bound by His own law b. With the correct understanding of scripture, it can be seen that Christ was pre-existent throughout all the stories of Jewish Scripture c. Greco-Roman philosophy is better than Scripture d. The God of Israel was an evil, creator God 9. Justin’s “proof” that Jews were replaced as the “chosen” of God’s covenant could be demonstrated by: a. The fact that Rome was persecuting Jews in addition to Christians b. The universal conversion of the Empire to Christianity in Justin’s lifetime c. The fact that God had let their Temple be destroyed by Rome d. The fact that there were very few Jews left in the Empire by the second century 10. Justin’s claim, that Christians were “versus Israel”, meant that: a. Christians should sue Jews in the law courts of Rome b. Christians were now the “true” Jews in God’s covenant c. All of God’s commandments were now to be replaced with the “Sermon on the Mount” d. The Jews were guilty of blasphemy 11. One of Justin’s motives in his writings against Judaism was: a. To have Christians included in Rome’s privileges concerning Jewish worship b. To provide Christianity with “ancient roots” c.
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varieties exam2 answers - Varieties of Early Christianity...

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