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varieties exam3 notes - Varieties Final Exam Notes 3/31/09...

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Varieties Final Exam Notes 3/31/09 Christianization of Roman Empire Decius: creates 1 st schism Valerian: same edict as Decius, short lasting, killed in battle with Parthians, persecuted Christians 303: Diocletian persecutions begin again o Civic leaders to provide benefits: pay for religious festivals, temple and temple repairs—increase public persona o 250-300: everyone pays taxes to support battles, emperor calls on poor to go to war Only those who owned land expected to go to war and pay taxes Christians take over civic duties of pagan aristocrats: charity (poor, needy, widows, orphans, hungry); fill in gap of missing aristocracy Aurelian: patronage of cult of Sol Invictus (sun god) o Not monotheist but put 1 over others o “1 god, 1 empire, 1 emperor” = concerned with unity of empire o Persecutions usually unifies a group o Pontifus maximus (highest priest in charge of all religion in empire = emperor) Diocletian: better administrator than above, rules from out of Rome until 303 o Reorganized Empire: At time of rule, empire too big to govern as 1 country by 1 man Divided empire to help administrate and organize Galerius issues Edict of Tolerance in 310: Christians shouldn’t be illegal and property lost returned
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Constantine battles Maxentius because believes should be only emperor at Milvian Bridge; Constantine wins and Maxentius dies: Constantine = sole emperor of west in 312 o Sign appears in sky and has dream night before ballet in which God tells him to put emblem on shields; voice tells of symbol (cross, chi rho) o Constantine wins because of divine will of God: meant to be Licinius = emperor of East 313: both sides issue Edict of Milan = legally says Christianity official religion in Roman Empire, full benefits of citizenships with no exemptions o Directed solely to Christians o Paganism still around: no ban against them (army, senate, 2/3 empire = pagan) All $ starts going to Christians to build churches o Take over Roman public buildings and becomes model for Christian church o Pagan repairs not funded and Constantine destroyed some pagan temples/buildings Debate about whether Constantine Christian o Art on triumphal arcs all pagan, none Christian o All coins depict him as new manifestation of Sol Invictus driving chariot across sky o o Puts off baptism until 336 at tie of death—tells nothing of whether Christian because knew he would commit many murders Licinius reinstates persecution: threatens Christians and bishops with support else persecution—not many support o Killed in battle with Constantine o Constantine’s speech using examples from Jewish Scriptures, gospels and church: strengthens position that Constantine was Christian (priestly exegesis) Church begins its ascent: Constantine = turning point 313: Christians debate what to do with bishops who gave up scriptures (forgive vs. excommunication) o Bishop Donatus (N. Africa) = supported excommunication
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varieties exam3 notes - Varieties Final Exam Notes 3/31/09...

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