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Practice Exam III Chemistry 103 2009 For Your Exam on Friday, April 24 Please be seated and ready to go five minutes before the bell! Please use these questions as practice problems for Exam III. This practice exam was originally designed for 75 minutes; your exam will be shorter. An answer key is included at the end. Please bring questions to the help sessions this Friday and next Wednesday. A periodic table will be attached to the exam. *Bring pencils and an eraser and a non-graphing calculator. *The third exam will be given during class time in the same rooms used for the first and second exams. Note on question 13c that “spectroscopic notation” is another name for “spdf notation” and that question 14a is material that appeared on the second exam.
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2 NAME______________________ Multiple Choice Questions. MARK AN “X” THROUGH THE CORRECT ANSWER ON PAGE ONE . All multiple-choice questions are worth 5 points. 1) Which of the following ions has the smallest radius? a) N 3- d) Na + b) O 2- e) Mg 2+ c) F - 2) Rank C, N, and O in order of increasing electron affinity a) C< N<O b) C< O< N d) O< N< C c)N< C<O e) O< C< N 3) What is the approximate size of a neutral atom in the range from Li to Kr? a) 0.1 pm d) 100 pm b) 1 pm e) 1000 pm c) 10 pm 4) Which of the following is the correct order for increasing bond length? a) Cl 3 Si-Cl < Cl 3 C-Cl d) HO-H < HS-H b) Br-Br < Cl-Cl e) F 3 C-CF 3 < F 2 C=CF 2 c) H-I < H-Br 5) Molecules which are “isoelectronic” have the same number of valence electrons. Which set below is a list of isoelectronic molecules?
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103_practiceExam3 - Practice Exam III Chemistry 103 2009...

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