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Animal Case 2 key - Bio 152-2 Animal Case 2 Key Spring 2009...

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Bio 152-2 Animal Case 2 Key Spring 2009 Create a Vaccine 1 & 2: UprH would be the best candidate because it is expressed in the host, as evidenced by the temperature- dependent up-regulation of the antigen and the fact that people infected with Bacterium X develop antibodies early in infection. Specifically, UprH of 4 Bacterium X strains (A-D) induce antibodies that confer protection; so, for a comprehensive vaccine, these 4 variants of UprH should be included in the recombinant vaccine. If preliminary studies show that the conserved region of all strains of Bacterium X confer protection, this could potentially be included also, or completely replace the 4 variable UprH types. AttM could also be used, but only with some manipulation. Preliminary studies show the antigen induces protection with the caveat of an epitope on that antigen inducing autoimmunity. There’s also the question of whether induced antibodies in humans can get past the tick anti-inflammatory factors (injected into the skin) in
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