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Quiz 1c Key - 600 Incoming solar radiation(Watts/m2 0...

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J F M A M J J A S O N D month of the year Incoming solar radiation (Watts/m 2 ) 0 600 1. This graph most closely represents the relative amount of incoming solar radiation at: a. The equator b. 45 degrees N latitude c. 45 degrees S latitude d. 90 degrees N latitude e. 90 degrees S latitude 2. Where are the world’s major deserts? Questions 3 and 4. Patterns of solar radiation, temperature, and moisture are important for the distribution of organisms. Evaluate each of the following statements: 3. T/F In aquatic ecosystems, most primary production is in the aphotic benthic zone because availability of light decreases with depth. 4. T/F As you move from the east coast of North America to the Rocky Mountains across the middle of the United States, the biomes tend to become drier and drier. Questions 5 to 8. Imagine that some cosmic catastrophe jolts Earth so that it is no longer tilted on its axis. Instead of the 23.5 degree tilt, the axis becomes perpendicular to the line between the sun and the Earth. What is/are predictable effect(s) of this change? 5. T/F A big change in the length of the year. 6. T/F Loss of day and night. 7. T/F Reduction in seasonal variation at northern and southern latitudes. 8. T/F Cooling at the equator.
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9. You observe the abundance and distribution of an animal species called the spiny slugeater across the entire northern hemisphere range of the species. You notice that in most of the range of the species, spiny slugeaters of all ages are present. However, in a very large area in the northwestern part of the range, you find only adult slugeaters. Which of the following hypotheses is LEAST likely to explain this pattern?
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