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Unformatted text preview: Bio152-2 Plant Case 1 Spring 2009 Cutting your teeth on a consulting gig in Costa Rica You are a new recruit in an internationally renowned firm that provides consulting services for agricultural operations throughout the Americas. Your first assignment is in Costa Rica, on a large coffee plantation. The plantation owners are concerned about continuous declines in coffee bean yield in recent years, and they hope you can identify the problem. The situation is as follows: Fifteen years ago, coffee ( Coffea arabica ) was planted on a 1000-ha tract, all of which was underlain by an ultisol. In order to improve soil fertility, the plantation owners interspersed rows of coffee trees with rows of Inga edulis , an arboreal legume commonly grown with coffee on acidic soils in Latin America. The plantation developed nicely, and bean yield increased steadily during the first ten years. Then a typical problem disease reared its ugly head. In fact, the owners found two problematic fungi, one causing coffee berry disease and ugly head....
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