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Bio 152-2 Animal Case 2 Spring 2009 Create a Vaccine Bacterium X is the causative agent of a disease resulting in severe impairment of motor neurons in people of all ages. In certain genetically-susceptible individuals, symptoms of disease progress despite adequate antibiotic treatment. Bacterium X is transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected American dog tick. During a blood meal, Bacterium X becomes detached from the gut of an infected dog tick and enters the host. In addition, anti-inflammatory proteins, including proteins that inactivate the complement system, are injected into the host along with Bacterium X organisms. It is suspected that this local inhibition of the immune response plays a key role in the dissemination of the microbe from the site of infection. As a lead researcher at a major pharmaceutical company, it has fallen on you to develop a human vaccine against this microbe. That which is known about Bacterium X, in terms
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