Medical tourism research - Research for Development HW 2...

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Research for Development HW 2 Andrew, Paul, Karli 1) Where medical tourists are staying now while they visit these other countries Thailand: A huge country for cosmetic surgery medical tourism Big Hostpitals include: o Phuket Aesthetic center at Bangkok Hospital (totally integrated approach from arrival in country to connecting flight, to car service, to hospital, to release, to site seeing, to flight home…horizontal integration with tourism and travel companies) o Bangkok International Clinic, Soi Patong Beach Hotel. o Bangkok International Clinic, Canal Village, Laguna Phuket. o Kata Thani Hotel. o Merlin Beach Resort . o Patong Merlin Hotel . o The Royal Paradise Hotel. o JW Marriott Resort and Spa. o Phuket International Airport. o Dulwich International College. o The Evason Resort and Spa. o Le Royal Meridien Phuket Yatch Club SOURCE- India: The world’s largest destination for medical tourism. Over 1 billion Rupee industry AIIMS Apollo Hospital B.M.Birla Heart Research Centre Christian Medical College Tata Memorial Hospital Apollo Cancer Hospital Indraprastha Medical Corporation Institute Cardiovascular Diseases SOURCE- 2) What physical features or amenities do these existing facilities (hotels and/or hospitals) offer to medical tourism guests, if any ACCOMODATION Presently 144 single rooms all with an ensuite bathroom. Provision to be made for additional single rooms. Currently four 2-person and six 4-person rooms. A 18-bed Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Care Unit. Specific isolation bedrooms as necessary.
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Research for Development HW 2 Andrew, Paul, Karli FACILITIES On-site: Conventional Radiology, Interventional Radiology, CT Scanning, C-arm scanning, Lithotripsy (treating kidney stones without surgery), Hyperbaric (decompression) chamber, Pharmacy and Laboratory. Off-site: Pathology, MRI and Nuclear Medicine. COPERATING THEATRES Four operating theatres. Orthopedic tables available.
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Medical tourism research - Research for Development HW 2...

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