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Knowing Why Transforming the organization: Zara and the case of IT SELECTION Week 6 T Responsibilities for Business Leaders Adoption Exploitation IT “Live” System Selection Buy Build •Configuration •Testing •Training •Use IS Inside-out approach – focus on capabilities of IT rather than technology itself This slide represents the 3 IT-related responsibilities of general managers. The Zara case focused on which of these responsibilities? What is the “inside-out approach” EIT Capabilities Do they have the information they require? Would automated inventory lookup be an improvement from customer viewpoint? In store? Cross store? Standard & consistent across all stores Business process redesign Monitoring Standardizing of business processes •Capabilities of EIT are met with existing system? •Features and functions of new EIT - POS could do a lot more – relevant? What is meant by CAPABILITIES? What is the difference between EIT capabilities and EIT functionality? Which of these three capabilities does ZARA already have sorted out with there existing systems? Knowledge • Categories of Knowledge – Explicit Knowledge •Can be articulated •Codified •Transferred with relative ease. – Tacit Knowledge •The type of knowledge that individuals possess but find difficult to articulate On this slide you should focus on the difference between EXPLICIT and TACIT knowledge. You should also know which is harder to classify within IT.
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Knowledge Management • Set of activities and processes used to: – Create – Codify – Disseminate knowledge in the organization • IT is a key component and enabler • Aspects of knowledge management: – Creating – Capturing – Storing – Disseminating Creating new knowledge – employees generate new info, devise novel solutions, identify an issue and provide an explanation. When you pout organizational knowledge into IT you are
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quiz_4_study_guide - Knowing Why Transforming the...

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