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Unformatted text preview: QUIZ 5 CONTENT 1 Global Perspectives on How: A critical look at importing software It is important to understand the relationship between ES, BPR, Best Practices. 2 Enterprise Systems Defined Packaged software product that can be bought off-the-shelf and tailored by an organization in order to integrate its business processes and share information across functional areas through a common database. 9 Business process reengineering 1992 press reports integrated, process- oriented ERP SAP launches its R/3 ERP package These mega-packages made BPR viable All successful BPR initiatives have high IT component 10 ES are supposedly based on best practice generic business processes . Therefore, when buying an ERP system, off-the-shelf, organizations obtain these practices and subsequently are pushed into the direction of implementing them. (Kremers & Dissel 2000; 53) ERP/ES are a class of software that come with best practices as a key part of the value proposition. 11 Best practices practices and processes which are recognized as being best by function or within an industry Cortada 1998 12 Software-based best practices Superior business processes from both within and outside an organization that are applied in order to create routine uses of knowledge. These practices are judged to be superior by those making the software and are then included in a catalogue of software templates from which one begins configuration. Best practices are designed into software and when that happens they take on a more tangible form than a list of practicesstrongly shape behavior of users (much more so that a list). 13 Increasingly important concept Packaged software products are expressly built upon best practices Central role in shaping firms and industries Based on Western model and delivered to LDC Concept is hard to realize in practice Please read the Wade article on the digital divide and understand his main points and how they relate to this slide. 14 Some discredit the term Best practice isnt. Best practice is a fiction, a lie and a con job that has ruined the credibility and reputation of many good CIOs. CIOs should never, ever allow their IT investments to be determined by anyone elses best practices. Instead, CIOs should find ways to creatively challenge every effort made to import best practice transformations into their company. (Schrage 2003; 40) Best practice is not always seen as a good thing to embed within software....
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Quizzes_5___6_study_guide - QUIZ 5 CONTENT 1 Global...

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