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Vision Project: Online Dating Our Vision Project Group Members: Erica Loh and Andrew Vlock We are setting out to determine the effects of online dating on a national scale. This includes: where the information is stored, who has rights to the information and content being uploaded, who has access to the information, and any legal and privacy issues that may arise through research. Out of the four focal issues, we are going to focus on: Who specifically has property rights over the material being uploaded Who is responsible/liable for success and failure of application’s effects (i.e. if you get matched with someone with a criminal record or if you get a divorce etc.) Who is regulating these organizations, and what are they doing to ensure legality and authenticity? What criteria/information systems are these companies using to pair people, and are they effective/legitimate? How (if at all) are these companies effectively depersonalizing the dating culture/the
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Unformatted text preview: activity of dating? Type of Media: Video Blog (Vlog) Research Methodology: • We will look up recent case studies, legislation (past and present), and historical development of the online dating industry. • We will join multiple online dating sites to determine authenticity, methodology, and quality • We will research public opinion and testimonials regarding popular (and not so popular) online dating sites and databases. • We will also dive into the statistical efficacy of online dating and other related products Predicted Conclusions: We are not sure, but we expect to find an industry that is poorly regulated, and possibly dangerous for users. We also expect to find property rights abuses, and a lack of serious legislation and investigation into matters regarding the online dating industry....
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