Vision Project Proposal

Vision Project Proposal - [Type text] “Heyyy, you know...

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Unformatted text preview: [Type text] “Heyyy, you know John Smith too?” 6 Degrees of Separation The possible end of online dating and “friend-ing” random people on online communities Visionary Project Declaration HA 2275 Professor Erica Wagner Emil Jihad Erica Loh Andrew Vlock Type of Medial Vlog (Video Blog) Proposal: Our project looks at the possibility of a seamless integration between technological interaction -- such as facebook friending and wall posts; telephone conversation; online dating; cell phones; and instant messaging -- and general human interaction. More specifically we will take a brief look at the evolution of these interactions, and we will determine (what we believe to be) to next logical progression in technological/human interaction. Our Vision: Our group envisions a system where individuals can meet and find commonalities with other individuals based on physical proximity, when carrying a cell phone or other portable electronic networking device. For example: Two individuals, both carrying cell phones with electronic networking programs installed, pass each...
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This note was uploaded on 04/23/2009 for the course HADM 2275 taught by Professor Wagner during the Spring '08 term at Cornell.

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Vision Project Proposal - [Type text] “Heyyy, you know...

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