1st Snow Paper - To: From: Date: Professor Craig Snow...

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Professor Craig Snow From: Andrew Vlock, HA 165 Student Date: September 1, 2008 Subject: HA 165, 1 st HW assignment: Recommendation for Writing Award After carefully reading a number of papers submitted by previous HA 165 students, I have decided to recommend one in particular. I believe this paper excels in three ways: Clarity of thought and purpose: the memo is well structured and conveys its message clearly to the reader without extraneous language or jargon. Thoughtful insights which are useful for succeeding in the course: the memo provides excellent commentary on how to succeed and stay on target in HA 165. Excellent organization: the memo utilizes organizational techniques which provide high skim value, and make for easy reading. To best provide you with a suggestion on which piece of writing to nominate for an award, this memo will go into detail on why Karli Miller-Hornick has written the best advice and best written work found on Blackboard. What makes this memo high in clarity and purpose? In Karli’s memo, she took the constricts of the assignment and was able to convey her message to me, the reader, in a way that was both high in value and purpose. While reading the memo it sets itself apart with the use of highly descriptive
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This note was uploaded on 04/23/2009 for the course HADM 165 taught by Professor Wolfe during the Fall '08 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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1st Snow Paper - To: From: Date: Professor Craig Snow...

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