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165 Comm Quest - Communication Questionnaire VLOCK ANDREW...

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Communication Questionnaire VLOCK ANDREW ENGLISH Last name First name First language 609-468-6091 [email protected] United States of America Local phone Email address Native country 2011 Jan A. deRoos 12-27-1988 Expected graduation SHA advisor Birthday Please answer the following questions in detail. The more information you provide concerning your communication experience, the better we can help you grow. 1. Describe your most recent college (or high school) writing course: What specific course? Where? My Most recent English course was at Umass Boston. It was an English 101 course. What did the course emphasize? The course took students with varying levels of ability and had them dissect pieces of literature. The teacher took particular joy in dumbing down complex pieces of literature and presenting them in an over-simplified manner. What papers did you write? Titles/topics? Genres (essay, research paper, short story, literary criticism, etc.)? Length (single-or double-spaced)? There were 6 papers assigned. The first five were opinion pieces, each based on one or two readings discussed in class. They ranged from Nietche’s ‘Deep Play’ to studies regarding Balinese Cock Fighting. Each was roughly 5-10 pages long. They were all double spaced. The 6
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This note was uploaded on 04/23/2009 for the course HADM 165 taught by Professor Wolfe during the Fall '08 term at Cornell.

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165 Comm Quest - Communication Questionnaire VLOCK ANDREW...

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