Andrew's Social Segment - I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING...

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I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING WITH THE HEADER How to overcome Social challenges Freshman Year We define a “social life” as almost anything outside of academics that involves interacting with other Cornell Students. Social life includes Greek life, extra-curricular activities, clubs, friends, partying, and almost anything outside the realm of academics. There are three questions every freshman should know the answer to before the beginning of school that will help them to have successful social life freshmen year: How necessary is a social life to having a successful freshman year? o A social life is extremely important to having a successful freshmen year. What potential social challenges can freshmen expect their first year at Cornell? o There are two potential challenges freshmen can expect their first year at Cornell: those challenges are making friends and staying balanced. How can freshmen overcome the social challenges they encounter? o Freshmen can overcome the challenges they face encounter by budgeting their time effectively, meeting as many people as possible, and participating in extracurricular activities. If freshmen understand these challenges and make use of our suggestions, they will be able to face the social challenges they will face freshman year. How necessary is a social life to having a successful freshman year? It is extremely important to have a social life freshman year and beyond. There are three reasons that a successful social life is key to having a successful freshman year: 1. A social life gives freshman a much needed break from academic focuses 2. Meeting new people exposes freshmen to more opportunities and activities 3. A social life is part of the college experience How can a social life give a freshman a much needed break from academics? Activities outside the realm of academics are vital to staying sane as a Cornell student. Although there is no doubt that grades and academics should be a Cornell student’s primary focus, a social
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life gives a student the ability release from the constraints of academic pressure, and it lets students enjoy themselves. If a student does not take part in social activities, they may find Cornell a bit depressing. For example, Crystal Zell, a former hotelie, highlights the importance of having a social life when fighting depression. She said, “I spent most of my time with other people; I found it difficult to be depressed when I was around friends.” Friends are not the only part of a social life that can help get a student’s mind off academics. By engaging in activities outside of school, students can take their minds off academic challenges for a while. Brett Rubin found that any activity outside of academic obligations helped her be more successful as a freshman. She said, “Sometimes it’s good to have commitments, and not just academic ones, that force you outside. I worked at The Statler and I found that to be a great “non-academic” network for me. When I went to work, it wasn’t going to a party by any means,
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Andrew's Social Segment - I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING...

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