How to Succeed in HA 1165

How to Succeed in HA 1165 - To: From: Date: Subject: Future...

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To: Future Students of HA 1165 with Professor Snow From: Andrew Vlock ‘11 Date: December 9, 2008 Subject: How to succeed in Professor Snow’s HA 1165 Congratulations. You have made the decision not to drop Professor Snow’s class the second you saw it on your schedule. You will undoubtedly find yourself regretting your decision to take this class once or twice during the semester. It is extremely difficult, and it will test your ability to stay focused and emotionally stable. Even if you are a good student, you may still have trouble doing well in this class. It is time consuming, and you will have to push yourself to succeed. Fortunately, if you take my advice, you will succeed in the course and look back with nothing but fond memories of your time in HA 1165. If you want to be successful in HA 1165 with Professor Snow you must be two things: Professional: Professor Snow is all about professionalism, and you should be too. To be professional you must learn good time management skills and how to be accountable for your actions. Optimistic: You must stay optimistic to succeed in Professor Snow’s class. You can stay optimistic by being positive and staying motivated. If you demonstrate the two qualities listed above, your time in Professor Snow’s class will be easier, and you will be more successful. How can you be professional in Professor Snow’s Class? Professor Snow believes that all students should conduct themselves professionally in and out of class. Professionalism is a quality that Professor Snow demonstrates consistently, and he expects students to do the same. It is so important that he made it part of your grade in the class: Professionalism (10%): You can earn up to a full 10% by attending conscientiously to your responsibilities as a class member and significantly contributing to the learning available in our course: attending all classes, arriving promptly, participating meaningfully in class, completing and submitting all assignments on time, and providing value to classmates as you critique their drafts and presentations. * Taken verbatim from the Professor Snow’s coursepack. I wrote this segment before I found that this was a part of it. So you know it’s important!! If you demonstrate your professionalism you will find yourself in Professor Snow’s good graces, and you will be more likely to succeed in his course. You can be professional by mastering two very important professional skills:
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How to be succeed in Prof. Snow’s HA 1165 Course, December 9, 2008, Page 2 of 8 Time management: You can master time management by taking baby steps and by being on time for commitments. Accountability: You must demonstrate accountability during group work, assignments, and class time. Time Management
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How to Succeed in HA 1165 - To: From: Date: Subject: Future...

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