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Lee Quimby Final Draft - To From Date Subject Lee Quimby...

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To: Lee Quimby, Incumbent Server From: Andrew Vlock, Former Legal Seafoods Server Date: October 27, 2008 Subject: What you need to know to be a good server at Legal Seafoods Because I am leaving Legal Seafoods, a place that I hold dear in my heart, I am writing you to give you some advice on how to be the best server you can be. I started working at Legal Seafoods roughly two years ago. Since that time, I worked my way up from food runner and bar back to Server. I have three strategies and tips I wish I had known before starting as a server beyond the basic training I received in my first week at Legal Seafoods. All you need to know are two things: You must learn how to work well with your coworkers: o Be respectful of them o Participate in team service o Get to know the people you are working with You must know how to : o Manage your time effectively o Provide good customer service o Learn upselling techniques If you follow my advice and keep a positive attitude, you will have a great relationship with your coworkers, and you will make good money in the process. How to work well with your coworkers You can work well with others by doing three things: Being respectful of your coworkers Participating in team service Getting to know the people you are working with If you follow these three guidelines you will get along better with the people you see every day, make your own job easier, and make some great friends in the process. How can you ensure that you are respectful of your coworkers? You can ensure that you are respectful or your coworkers by doing two things:
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How to succeed and improve as a server, October 27, 2008, Page 2 of 6 1. Learn about your coworkers 2. Understand your coworker’s situations Learn about your coworkers. The best way to ensure that you respect – and don’t offend—your coworkers is to learn about them. Legal Seafoods employees come from all different backgrounds. You need to be understanding when dealing with different employees. If you learn about where they come from and what makes them different, you will be able to respect their needs and cultural differences in a way that is appropriate for a work place setting. One problem I had when I began working at Legal Seafoods was that I could never remember everyone’s name. It is very easy to go about your daily routine in the restaurant and never have to use a colleague’s name. Not trying to remember coworker’s name is a big mistake! You can’t show that you respect your coworkers if you don’t bother to remember their name. One hostess worked at the host desk for a month, and I never learned her name. Had I bothered to learn her name and get to know her, I would have realized that she lived down the street from me and we could have walked to work together every day. If you are having trouble remembering server’s names, do not be afraid to ask them or another server; they are always willing to help out. You should also make an effort to learn about other server’s interests and lives, because they will
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Lee Quimby Final Draft - To From Date Subject Lee Quimby...

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