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To: Dr. Lisa Shaffer, Director of Student Services From: Andrew Vlock, Umass Transfer Student and Class of 2011 Date: September 3, 2008 Subject: Suggestions for Midyear Transfer Orientation I was offered a guaranteed transfer from the Hotel School out of high school. Unlike many Hotelies, I entered midway through my freshman year. Orientation offered me my first at Cornell as a member and not an onlooker. As a guaranteed transfer student to the School of Hotel Administration, I found January orientation to be less than satisfactory. With a sister in Arts and Sciences, and having visited the campus many times before (including an extensive summer program at the Hotel School), I was surprised at my unpreparedness for school life exiting orientation. I have formulated a series of suggestions for January’s transfer orientation and how the Hotel School can better prepare transfers for the challenges and experiences that lie ahead. Improve the welcome: My first interaction with my fellow transfers was in Noyes playing board games. I believe there is a better way to welcome new students. Revise the scheduling: The scheduling for orientation conflicted with fraternity rush and left little free time for exploring the campus, meeting non-transfers, and getting settled in our new surroundings. Introduce transfers to their advisors: Transfers are never introduced to their academic advisors prior to the start of classes and only have student services as a source for help and advice. The purpose of this memo is not to criticize the orientation committee but to bring to their attention the ways in which they can make orientation a much smoother and welcoming experience for future transfers. Improve the welcoming event
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ManCom_assignment_2 - To From Date Subject Dr Lisa Shaffer...

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