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Olbris Final Draft

Olbris Final Draft - 210 Lake Street Ithaca NY 14859...

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210 Lake Street Ithaca, NY 14859 October 8, 2008 Pat Olbris 6707 McCauland Ave. St. Louis, MO 63117 Dear Pat: The purpose of this letter is to address some of your concerns about The Hotel School and to answer some of your questions. Dean Johnson, the new dean of The Hotel School, recently received the letter you wrote to Dean Butler. I was asked by Dean Johnson to answer some questions you have about our school, what you should expect here, and what you can do to help you decide if The Hotel School is the right school for you. Dean Johnson thought I would be qualified to answer some of your questions because I am currently a sophomore in good academic standing at the Hotel School. From my experience at The Hotel School, I can provide some useful insight that Dean Johnson cannot provide. You first have to realize that you will have a difficult time with the college application process. I remember my college application process was nothing short of infuriating. My junior and senior years of high school were difficult and nerve racking. If you have not yet discovered how frustrating applying to college is, you soon will. However, I can assure you that college, especially The Hotel School, is extremely fulfilling and your college experience will be more than worth your frustrations. To help you make the best decision, I will address the two subjects that I feel that I am most qualified—based on my experience and knowledge—to address: What courses are like at the hotel school: If you attend the Hotel School, you will find that the courses are more work-intensive, require more preparation, and involve more group work than your high school classes. What the hotel school faculty are like: Hotel School faculty all have different teaching styles, but professors hold most students to similar standards. Dean Johnson has also given your letter to two other students who will answer some of the other questions you had about The Hotel School. You will receive their letters shortly. Their advice, combined with mine, will hopefully help you make the best college decision. What can you expect from the courses at The Hotel School? You can expect a very rigorous course load from all courses at The Hotel School. College courses are much different than the courses you are currently taking in high school. More specifically, you can expect three things from Hotel School courses: More preparation: Courses require a much higher level of preparation overall and for each class period than high school courses.
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Pat Olbris, October 8, 2008, Page 2 of 5 Faster pace: Professors work at a much faster pace and cover much more material in a much shorter period of time than your high school teachers do.
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Olbris Final Draft - 210 Lake Street Ithaca NY 14859...

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