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Erasmus and luther_laying the egg and hatching it

Erasmus and luther_laying the egg and hatching it - History...

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History Erasmus and Luther: Laying the Egg and Hatching it Problem with Church in 1500s – everyone knew about it and not much was being done about it. o Everyone wanted reform, but how it was going to happen and what it was going to look like was not very clear o Some bishops worked hard to reform their own parish priests Not systemic, however o Some created knew monastic orders, and started prayer groups o Attempts by instutional Church to reform were completely unsuccessful 1512 – Ecumenical Council (1512-1517) Lasted 5 years, set up to grapple with problems Council really didn’t fix any problems Provided no leadership No Innocent III to lead it Italian Renaissance Popes were very corrupted. From powerful Roman families Had illegitimate children Wrote soft-core porno books No great leaders to fix the church o Reform minded Christians in and out of the Church were unsuccessful in their attempts o No one said anything about what the Church was saying was untrue Nothing about doctrinal reform Wanted a less mechanical practice of religion People outside the Church hierarchy also did not have problems with the Church teaching, but rather with the Churchmen themselves. o Anticlericalism and desire for reform can be seen in the writings of Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536) Extraordinary man Learned scholar from Northern Europe. Versed in Greek well. Took full advantage of the printing press and spread his ideas about religious reform Talent for satire. Church was target. (best way to insult a layman was to call him a priest) Savage attack on the ignorance and corruption of Churchmen.
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