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Every man has a Witness

Every man has a Witness - Every man has a Witness The...

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Every man has a Witness The Radical Reformation Reformers like Luther and Calvin have opened up a Pandora’s box of problems of the world. Time honored traditions were swept away. Europe is divided into 3 basic camps ready to take up battle positions about their religious ideals o Catholic Announced their religious ideals to the world by wearing o Lutheran Churches were plain and conservative o Calvinist Breaking apart of all religious art. Iconoclastic Not everyone fit into these 3 camps o People are very ambivalent o Where do I go? o Look for salvation in some pretty strange places o Religion and godliness must be unshackled from religious institutions o Couldn’t go to heaven simply by going to mass on Sunday o People would read the Bible with basic literacy, and finding the truth for themselves o There was no need for these people to have training in theology to understand the truth o The state should have no right to force us to believe what to believe o
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  • Fall '09
  • Fleming
  • Protestant Reformation, Radical Reformation, Munster, Anabaptist, Anabaptists Anabaptists, Time honored traditions

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