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Late Medival Popular Piety

Late Medival Popular Piety - History Notes Late Medival...

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History Notes September 22, 2008 Late Medival Popular Piety Danse Macabre – late medieval allegory on the universality of death. No matter what one’s station in life, everyone dies. Many paintings, artwork about this topic…most famous is the Dance of Death by Michael Wolgemut. Features 4 skeletons dancing around one who is laying on the ground. Walter Hilton – Ladder of Perfection English Augustinian monk who wrote this book. Ladder of Perfection is universally regarded as the most complete, lucid, and balanced treatise on the late Middle ages period. The heart of Hilton's teaching is that the answer to the spiritual difficulties that times of change and violent unrest throw up is to adapt the Church's spiritual teaching to the life of the Christian in the world. Tremendous faith and devotion to reach the top of the ladder of salvation (good works, be a good person, give money etc.) Chantry – the establishment of an institutional chapel on private land or within a greater
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