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Matt Doherty EN083.14 Paper 3 Sr. Carey April 14, 2008 Something in Common The mark of a truly great author is made when he or she can effectively strike a chord with his audiences own emotions and experiences. Gloria Naylor certainly deserves this distinction in her novel, Mama Day , about the romance tales of a young contemporary black couple. She paints a picture with the character of George Andrews, a young, urbanized African-American male who has completely lost touch with his original African roots. He has no use for the crazy practices of his wife Cocoa’s crazy aunt, Mama Day, which could save his terminally ill wife. He has completely adopted Western rationalism, and only trusts things that are grounded in fact. He had no use for emotions, beliefs, myths, or superstitions, the ways of his ancestral roots. In a way, George’s scenario can certainly be applied to my experience here at Boston College so far this year. Before I came to college, I worked hard in high school to maintain high grades and participated in many extracurricular activities to solidify my standing in the school community as a respected young adult. During my first semester this year, I fell into a crowd with more “wild” students
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George andrews paper - Matt Doherty EN083.14 Paper 3 Sr....

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