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major paper 2 - Matt Doherty Sr Carey EN083.14 Part I A...

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Matt Doherty Sr. Carey EN083.14 March 14, 2008 Part I: A scenario from your character’s point of view Character: Odysseus in The Odyssey Scenario 1: Odysseus and Aeolus Today was a good day. We met the god of the winds Aeolus. He was a timid man, but eager to help us. We sailed from the island of the Cyclops after the rest of the Achaeans and I evaded the grasp of such a terrible beast. Unfortunately, not all of us made it as some were eaten by the beast. Nevertheless, we pressed on and made it to the island of Aeolus. We wandered on the island for a bit, but eventually stumbled upon Aeolus sitting in his throne beyond the cloak of a waterfall. We told Aeolus of our travels and of Poseidon’s impending wrath against me, and he seemed sympathetic. He gave us a bag full of the west wind and he said this would be perfect for helping us get back to Ithaca. Also he stirred up the westerly wind that he assured us would help us quickly return to our homeland. This great gesture by Aeolus makes me one step closer to reaching my queen Penelope, whom I miss very much. Hopefully this imminent journey back to Ithaca will be safe and sound. Then I can reclaim the throne that is rightfully mine, claim my queen, and raise my son Telemachus to be a great man like his father. Scenario 2: Odysseus and Circe’s Island Today was a terrible day. After a wonderful journey of about ten days, we had Ithaca in our sights. I was merely hours away from returning to my queen and my throne,
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and had decided to take a nap. During the time I was resting my eyes, my incompetent, selfish crew went against my specific directions and opened the bag from Aeolus containing the West Wind. This wind, when released, created a violent storm that threw our ship completely off course, and instead of landing on Ithaca, we were taken far, far away. When we finally realized where we were – the storm was so violent that we became very disoriented and had no idea what island we had landed on – and some of our crew members had turned into animals. Of course, this was not their fault. It was the work of the goddess Circe, whose island we had mistakenly landed on. I had to take matters into my own hands to correct the situation. Following Hermes instructions, I climbed up to her temple at the summit of the island, and drank her potion, but not before eating some herbs called moly to protect myself from being turned into an animal like the rest of my brainless crew. In order to gain some insight into the island and possibly earn some advice on how to return home, I allowed myself to be seduced by Circe and became her lover. It really doesn’t seem like we will be leaving any time soon, as my crew and I are lounging; partaking in Circe’s life of excess and luxury. Scenario 3: Odysseus, Tiresias, and Hades
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major paper 2 - Matt Doherty Sr Carey EN083.14 Part I A...

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