jane eyre revised andrews paper

jane eyre revised andrews paper - Matt Doherty EN083.14...

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Matt Doherty EN083.14 Paper 3 Sr. Carey April 14, 2008 Something in Common Imagine this: You are young and immature, and are thrown into a situation at a live-in school where you know next to no one, live in unfamiliar quarters, and often endure the abuse of your peers. The food is terrible, the work is hard, and you spend a lot of time just trying to fit in. So that’s what Jane Eyre and I have in common! Granted, it is tough to draw comparisons between an upper-class private school American boy from the 21 st Century with a great, loving family to an orphaned, unloved English girl from the 19 th Century. Alas, however, there are many parallels between the young Jane Eyre’s experiences at the Lowood School and my experiences at Boston College during this past first semester. Jane Eyre is a young orphan who is thrown into a terrible situation: an elitist school in which she is automatically made an outcast, when on the first day, the school’s headmaster declares that she is a liar, and that no one should associate with her. She struggles to find her identity at this school, and endures much abuse from the headmaster, Mr. Brocklehurst, and his evil accomplice teacher, Miss Scatcherd. Mr. Brocklehurst embezzles the school’s funds to support his family’s luxurious lifestyle while hypocritically preaching to others a doctrine of deprivation and poverty. As a result, Lowood’s eighty pupils must make do with cold rooms, poor meals, and thin
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jane eyre revised andrews paper - Matt Doherty EN083.14...

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