Freud Continued

Freud Continued - values, so they dont have to be around...

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Freud Continued 22/04/2008 13:22:00 Chapter 6 Freud talks about where his idea of the death instinct came from Chapter 7 With the development of the super-ego, it’s not enough that we have  renounced our instincts in the sense that we have these desires, but we have  renounced fulfilling these desires. Why would a young child be willing to moderate his or her actions (the same  sort of thing described above, but a young child doesn’t have a super-ego, so  it’s different)? o Because you don’t want to lose your parents’ love If we lose their love, we incur punishment in its place Page 86. The super-ego is established when the authority of other people is  internalized. o You don’t become your mother or father, but you might internalize their 
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Unformatted text preview: values, so they dont have to be around any more. o At this point, even the thought of doing something bad will make you feel guilty. The aggression is then directed inwards. Suicide would be the most extreme example. Our conscience thoughts and our unconscious thoughts, nothing escapes the super-ego. For Freud, you have to have a conscience to experience guilt. We will never, ever be perfectly happy in civilization. Its not possible given our physic reactions to living in society. We have to curb our sexual drives, our aggression. Then we also have to deal with the super-ego, which punishes us internally by making us feel guilty. 22/04/2008 13:22:00 22/04/2008 13:22:00...
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Freud Continued - values, so they dont have to be around...

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