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conservation paper 7

conservation paper 7 - Junk food and fried food have little...

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October 18, 2007 Matt Doherty The Conundrum of Consumption , Alan Thein Durning Response Paper #7 My Own Energy Consumption I have never, like many other Americans, thought about my own personal energy consumption. Sure, I think global warming is an important cause, and that we should be keen on preserving the land and environments that we call home, but these maxims have never really translated into my own life. After reading Alan Thein Durning’s piece The Conundrum of Consumption , I finally have realized the negative impacts of my actions, from the food and water that I consume, to the trash I produce, to the clothes that I wear. My diet is that of a typical college male – lots of junk food, fried food, vegetables and most importantly, lots of delicious red meat. Of course, eating these items is not healthy for both me and the environment. Killing animals for the red meat hurts the earth’s ecosystem and disrupts the equilibrium of the world.
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Unformatted text preview: Junk food and fried food have little or no negative effects on the earth, but they are terrible for my own health and I should really refrain for indulging in them too much. Living my daily life I create a lot of trash. Simply from the food I consume, the containers and wrappers they come in create lots of garbage. The best thing to combat the trash crisis is to recycle – by placing aluminum, paper products, and cardboard into their proper containers, so they are indeed recycled and save energy. Water is an area that I also perform poorly in, environmentally-wise. I take long showers every day, and like to keep the water running while brushing my teeth. To combat this, I should shut the water off when I brush my teeth, and take a five-minute shower instead of a ten-minute one. Certainly, by changing these behaviors, I will be doing my part to combat the environmental crisis....
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conservation paper 7 - Junk food and fried food have little...

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