cultural critique final draft

cultural critique final draft - December 10, 2007 Matt...

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December 10, 2007 Matt Doherty Cultural Critique Final Draft Are Environmentalists Too Radical? Paul Watson is crazy. Sure, it is one thing to want to save the environment, but he takes the green movement crusade a bit too far. Watson and his crew of about 50 volunteers make up the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a vigilante organization founded by Watson nearly 30 years ago. The Sea Shepherds aim at preventing destructive habits of whalers and other fishing boats. While the aim of the Sea Shepherds may seem noble, their tactics in achieving this goal are certainly less than stellar. Watson and his crew have a vessel, Farley , that they use to ram other ships participating in whaling and fishing in environmentally sensitive areas. Farley is equipped with a sharpened steel I-Beam, known to the Sea Shepherds as the “can-opener,” that they use to ram these unsuspecting ships, sometimes sinking them. Also, Watson and the gang have been known to throw smoke bombs at boats, creating a thick wall of smoke which makes it impossible for the captain of the ship to drive the boat properly (Khatchadourian). These tactics ultimately could be detrimental to the end goal of the green movement, which is to improve the earth’s environmental conditions. Although environmentalism has its roots as far back as the late 18 th Century (Ben Franklin was known to have fought for the ceasing of waste dumping in Philadelphia in the 1790s), the movement never really took off until the 20
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cultural critique final draft - December 10, 2007 Matt...

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