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response paper 9 ensler - But by the end of the book after...

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October 30, 2007 Matt Doherty The Good Body , Eve Ensler Response Paper #9 The Good Body : A Cultural Critique Women are obsessed with having a perfect physique. After all, countless advertisements on television and the internet depict harrowingly thin women declaring that “you can’t be happy if you’re not skinny.” High fashion is in on the secret also. Design teams pick styles and trends that force women to be skinny if they want to be hip and trendy. But the cruel twist of fate of this infectious phenomenon is that most men think these “perfect women” are actually far from perfect. In fact, the majority of men think that paper thin models are revolting, and a healthy-looking and fuller woman is much more attractive. Eve Ensler certainly agrees. In her drama/novella The Good Body , she sets out to be like these “models” by trying to shed a few inches off her waistline.
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Unformatted text preview: But by the end of the book, after interviewing women from New York City to Kabul, Afghanistan, she discovers that it is more important to love a body the way it is, and not attempt to be anything other. Ensler uses her novella as a forum to criticize the wacky cultural phenomenon that has grabbed hold of the female American population. She employs this by interviewing people first who are consumed by the phenomenon, and then contrasting them to those from other countries – like in Africa and Afghanistan – who have much more important things to worry about (i.e. poverty and hunger) than the size of their waistline. Overall, I found the novella to be an excellent assessment of everything that is wrong with this particular cultural phenomenon in America. Hopefully, Ensler’s work can be the first step on the way to reversing this scary trend....
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response paper 9 ensler - But by the end of the book after...

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