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Shanda Williams #1 2009 - Shanda Williams 10 February 2009...

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Shanda Williams 10 February 2009 Expos 101: Section DB Annie King Final Draft#1 Moving From Individualism and Dialogue to the Form of Exploration What is criticism? There are many ways to explain criticism, but it is truth that will help an individual to be better off in life. Sometimes, the truth can be seen in different ways and still be considered a lie. It is when people agree on one way how something happened, is there a universal truth; unfortunately, this agreement rarely happens. On one hand, individualism can be looked at in many perspectives these sorts of people are more focused on self. Therefore, Generation Me are more tied into self which makes them more self center. For this cause they are unable to take criticism well. People in general have the tendency to express one form of idea and convictions in a way that everyone will not always agree to, but there needs to be a stand-point when people should see the big picture and get an understanding for what one another is expressing. In Deborah Tannen’s “The Roots of Debate in Education and the Hope of Dialogue,” describes the culture of argument in Western learning in her essay about two salient ramifications of the way we are taught to learn that she mentions are the difference between how men and women react to Western education and the tendency for Western thinkers to see the world as a dual-natured best of “right and wrong”, “black and white”, and “good and bad”. In 1
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Jean Twenge “An Arm of one: Me”, describes how having a nations that is obsessive on the self is not just bad for society, it’s also bad for the individual. It is obvious that Tannen’s advocated solution for debate is hampered by Generation Me, because they are more focused on individualism, and caught up in self, where there is no intensions in listening and learning from another perspective. Therefore, Tannen wants individuals to be more open-minded and explore new ideas. With the immense power of the media and advertisements, it is often difficult to escape
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Shanda Williams #1 2009 - Shanda Williams 10 February 2009...

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