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Introduction to Psychology as a Natural Science Instructions for Assignment 1 Due in class February 12, 2009. You are more than welcome to hand in the assignment earlier. The assignment is worth 60 points (out of 780). The goal is to gain some familiarity with brain geography. 1. Turn in (a) labeled brain workbook pages and (b) on separate sheets a typed an account that includes the numbered brain part (1 to 28), the label that best goes with the number, and brief (2 to 4 sentence) account that locates the anatomical structure that you have labeled and associated behavioral/psychological relations. Thus, the assignment has two parts: filling in the missing labels on the brain workbook sheets, and describing the location and functions of the anatomical structure associated with the label. 2. At the end of your 2 to 4 sentence account, identify the source for what you have written: Wiki for Wikipedia. Or some other source. If you use another source, use a standard reference format (e.g., use style
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