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Scand 367 4.17.09 Questions to consider before the test on April 21. 1. Gender Issues: What brought about the moral debate in the 1880s? Who was the catalyst to the debate? How do you define the literary movement that brought the problem out into the public sphere? 2. The Moral debate: Which are the main issues in the debate? Who were the main male participants? Which are the main themes/characters in Ghosts ? Who wrote Ghosts ? Who wrote Miss Julie , we looked at a brief film clip? 3. The Women’s voices:
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Unformatted text preview: How did the women’s voices differ from those of the men? What issues do Skram present? What social issue does Canth's play present? What are theses writers' backgrounds? What goals did Victoria Benediktsson strive for in writing? 4. Prostitution: What was the function of prostitution in the 19th century? For how long was prostitution registered and under what conditions? How does prostitution differ today from that of the last century?...
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