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Workout # 5 Travis Pagel 7 Stretches Name of Stretch Muscles used Duration (secs) Toe Touches Hamstring 10 Shoulder Across Shoulder 15 Arm Behind Head Tricep 15 Pectoral Stretch Pectoral 15 Butterfly Groin 30 Modified Hurtler Quads 15 Spinal Twist Lower Back 30 Strength Exercises Exercise Muscles Used Duration (reps) Sets
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Unformatted text preview: Bench Press Pectorals 5 5 Back Squat Quads/Gluts 5 5 Lat Pull Downs Lats 8 3 Leg Extensions Quads 8 3 Bicep Curls Biceps 15 3 Tricep Extenstions Triceps 15 3 Abdominal Machine Abdominal 15 3 Cardio 30min Duration Intensity Fast Pace Walk 30 min HR: 160...
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