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Abortion is Necessary

Abortion is Necessary - happen at a much later stage in...

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Abortion is Necessary Abortion should focus on the civil rights of the potential mother, not the unborn child who would not survive outside the womb. It is uncertain when human life begins The zygote is not a person; it is a formation of cells that will eventually grow into an infant. Abortion is not killing a baby, but terminating a pregnancy. The embryo is apart of the mother’s body , just like tonsils, it is her right to have the embryo removed. The zygote is formed when the sperm and egg are combined to form an ovum. They are cells not a human life form capable of being murdered. The embryo is a developing cell. To have it terminated it has no thought, no knowledge, no intelligence, no independent life. Up to 4 months the embryo has no independent movement. If Abortion was made illegal, they would continue unsafely. It would not be a sterile medical procedure, but a life threatening one. They would likely to
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Unformatted text preview: happen at a much later stage in pregnancy—endangering the mother. • In some cases the child may not be able to be raised properly. They could be neglected, malnourished, and possibly could turn to a life a crime, abuse, violence. • Cases if rape and incest are very traumatic and the potential for a birth from these is unbearable to the victims. • The definition for life is commonly associated with four factors: 1. Metabolism 2. Growth 3. Reaction to stimuli and 4. Reproduction. If reproduction was set aside, the three remaining are only possible because the mother is present and providing the remaining three—no mother, no metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli. • Everyone has a right to control their body. By focusing on the mother and not the potentially new life, abortion is a humane practice....
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Abortion is Necessary - happen at a much later stage in...

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