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Article Report For1

Article Report For1 - 3 Outsourcing brings in a large...

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Article Report Form     Name: Travis Pagel Date: 10-18-07 Article Title: Managing Globalization     Briefly state the main idea of this article:       The lack of skilled labor in the United States has forced companies to outsource or recruit immigrants, each has their own  advantages and disadvantages.           List three important facts used by the author to support his or her main idea:       1. Outsourcing keeps the capital in the foreign counties.   2. Immigrants have a “multiplier effect” and bring in capital abroad.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Outsourcing brings in a large amount of skilled labor for a relatively cheaper wage. Explain how the information or ideas discussed in this article relate to what you have learned in your lectures and/or other readings: The article presents two separate issues: should you outsource or recruit immigrants. The author argues more for the immigrants because they help the United States capital by being employed here. Outsourcing is cheaper and more efficient, but has less impact on the Untied States economy....
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