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Article Report Form

Article Report Form - argues that this is a human right 2...

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Article Report Form Name: Travis Pagel Date: October 4, 2007 Article Title: Globalization and Human Rights Briefly state the main idea of this article: Expanding trade and globalization can have positive and negative effects on the human rights. It is the responsibility of those with the power to control these situations to do so. An example of how globalization can have negative implications is the United States supporting an oppressive government such as China with lucrative trade deals. List three important facts used by the author to support his or her main idea: 1. People now have access to countless products because of Globalization. The author
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Unformatted text preview: argues that this is a human right. 2. Globalization opens up windows for people to challenge oppressive governments 3. Globalization, Democracy, and Human Rights are spreading through out the world; the author argues this is a good thing. Explain how the information or ideas discussed in this article relate to what you have learned in your lectures and/or other readings: Globalization is spreading throughout the world and is both good and bad. The author argues that is overall good. I think that his argument does not evaluate the negative side, but does do an excellent job of evaluating the positive....
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